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Generally, we have top-quality ketamine spray for sale with or without a prescription. According to Dr. Anand, the medication is a generic version of ketamine, a substance that has long been used to induce anesthesia.

Moreover, ketamine has long been administered intravenously in lesser dosages to individuals with treatment-resistant depression. However, because it is a generic medicine, it has not gone through the FDA’s review procedure for that purpose.

It is actually a prohibited substance, known as Special K, and is occasionally abused as a recreational drug. The new ketamine nasal spray will only be utilized in a doctor’s office or hospital setting due to this and the fact that it might trigger sensations of dissociation and delusion in those who take it.

The effects are essentially the same, according to Dr. Anand, even though the medication is administered in a slightly different way and is inhaled through the nose.


For nasal puffs of a ketamine dose, a patient will visit their doctor once or twice a week. They will remain at the doctor’s office for two hours due to the possibility of confusion or disorientation right after the procedure. For the rest of the day, they are advised from using machinery, driving, or engaging in other activities that demand concentration.

The new medication’s rapid onset of action is one possible advantage. According to Dr. Anand, symptoms may start to fade within a few hours and may last for several days. On the other hand, it may take weeks for the majority of oral antidepressants to start working.

This is due to the fact that it operates differently from other depression medications. Ketamine has significant impacts on glutamate, a separate neurotransmitter that is far more common in the brain, which is a different neurotransmitter than serotonin, norepinephrine, or dopamine systems, explains Dr. Anand.



Although ketamine is a Schedule III non-narcotic substance, its potential for physical or psychological dependence is modest to low. As a dissociative anesthetic, it is mostly used. Users will experience tranquility and relaxation. Because it can relieve pain and induce a mild euphoric mood, it is increasingly utilized to treat depression and chronic pain.


Ketamine is now a competitive SSRI substitute. It adopts a different strategy and has a different impact on the brain. Ketamine instead interacts with glutamate to produce “happy feelings,” whereas SSRIs increase serotonin production in the brain. This neurotransmitter aids in the formation of new brain connections as well as learning and memory.

Moreover, ketamine acts faster than SSRIs. Patients taking ketamine can see an improvement in their depression symptoms within a day, whereas those taking SSRIs may not see recovery for several months. Many patients who experience repeated SSRI cycle failures have found success with ketamine.


Ketamine has a variety of psychological effects on us. Several studies have shown its effects on chronic pain, even though most of it is unproven. Ketamine has anti-inflammatory properties that aid in pain alleviation. It primarily affects brain function by blocking the NMDA receptor. Both short-term (instant) and long-term (3+ months) pain alleviation is possible with ketamine.


The success of ketamine nasal sprays in treating depression has led to their widespread use. Traditional prescribed nasal sprays or compounded nasal sprays are the two nasal spray choices.


The FDA recently approved Spravato, the first pharmaceutical to use the S-enantiomer of ketamine in a nasal spray, as a result of its recent success. Because of its more potent interaction with NMDA glutamate receptors, this enantiomer was chosen. Esketamine is delivered intranasally in tiny doses using Spravato. Each gadget comes with two sprays, each containing 14 milligrams.

Ketamine must be consumed by patients under a doctor’s guidance. This entails consuming it at a medical office or another setting. This enables the physician to keep an eye out for any adverse effects, such as breathing difficulties and hallucinations. Patients will take either 56 mg or 84 mg per application, depending on the doctor’s instructions.

Ketamine is given twice weekly during the first four weeks. It is given once every week for the subsequent four weeks. It may then be given every other week after that. Naturally, this depends on the doctor’s recommendations.


For those with depression, compounding pharmacies can provide ketamine nasal spray. We can make the drug without preservatives like benzalkonium chloride by compounding the nasal spray. Without preservatives, appropriate storage will be more crucial, and lesser doses would be required.

Moreover, the nasal sprays are not restricted to two 28 mg doses per bottle and can be created in any dosage size. The prescriber can specify the size and concentration of the dosage. The option to take the medication at home is perhaps the most significant difference between compounded and regularly administered ketamine. When typically prescribed, patients would need to be immediately under a doctor’s supervision; however, patients who receive compounded ketamine can take the medicine at home.


Ketamine does have disadvantages aside from potential adverse effects. Although it has been used successfully as a short-term anesthetic and in lesser dosages as a short-term antidepressant, physicians are still unsure of its safety and efficacy when administered for several months or years.

The ramifications of a long-term disruption of a key neurochemical in the brain, which this medication affects, are unknown, according to Dr. Anand. It is also an addictive substance, and users may abuse or overuse it.

However, there is no assurance that it will be effective in all populations of patients with treatment-resistant depression. Also, it is always possible that it could exacerbate symptoms like other antidepressants.


Before it was approved, ketamine was examined in five clinical trials. According to Dr. Anand, just one short-term trial and its subsequent, longer-term relapse prevention trial of patients who had benefited from ketamine achieved statistically significant beneficial outcomes. Another study indicated that the effectiveness of antidepressant and ketamine therapy did not approach statistical significance in individuals who were above the age of 65.